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Hibachi Sushi Restaurant in Greenville, NC

You’re in the mood for hibachi food. Maybe your mouth is watering for a tender, delicious hibachi steak, or perhaps your stomach is rumbling for fresh shrimp. Maybe you would rather feast on fresh and tasty sushi rolls, but you know you want to enjoy the show at a great hibachi restaurant. Whatever the case, you know that you’re not cooking tonight!

When this mood is taking you, there’s only place to go: Hibachi Xpress Japanese Steak & Sushi, Greenville, NC’s leading hibachi sushi restaurant! Whether you would rather savor a tasty Philadelphia roll, munch on teriyaki chicken, or enjoy the spectacle of hibachi shrimp cooked right in front of you, Hibachi Xpress is the place to go. The atmosphere at our restaurant is always fun and inviting, and you can expect great service each and every time. Best of all, the food is to die for. Browse our sushi & hibachi menu to find your favorite dish!

If you're craving hibachi steak, shrimp, or even sushi, there's only one place to go in Greenville, NC for the best hibachi food. Hibachi Xpress is known as the hibachi and sushi restaurant of choice for all of Greenville, NC & beyond. Stop in and dine with us soon!

Take a look at our sushi & hibachi food menu here!

Hibachi Food Greenville, NC

Sushi Restaurant Greenville, NC

Great takeout at our sushi restaurant!

People have different tastes when it comes to sushi and how it's prepared. Sushi can be prepared with many different types of fish and comes in a variety of flavors. Some people are unaware that sushi doesn't always come raw! Whether you're trying sushi for the first time or are a sushi enthusiast, you'll find great options to love at our sushi restaurant. Hibachi Xpress works hard to prepare only the freshest sushi for our guests, with authentic Asian flavors and spices designed to create the ultimate experience. We invite you to our sushi restaurant to taste the difference in our quality compared to other local Asian restaurants. 

Do you not have time for a sit-down meal? That’s not a problem. Our sushi restaurant offers great takeout options. You can give us a call at 252-752-7558 to place your order, and we’ll have everything packed and ready for you to pick up. It’s great if you need to squeeze in dinner around a busy schedule, grab a quick lunch while you’re on the go, or order a luncheon treat for the whole office.

You won’t find better hibachi shrimp, steak and sushi anywhere else in Greenville, NC.
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